Together we are the Body of Christ!

We are a parish community where seeds of faith take root and grow! Our diversity and community spirit are forming a dynamic and welcoming community of faith.

Growing in Faith as Family

As a parish family we gather as families and friends - to worship, to learn, to grow - in Christ.

Sharing Our Parish Story

Our long parish history means we have many stories to share! Read and share your memories of parish events from the near and distant past.


Welcome to Saint Lawrence Martyr Parish!

We are an inner-city parish, proud of our diversity, our history, and of our parish school. The mission of St. Lawrence Martyr Parish continues as we are blessed with our patron St. Lawrence’s great example of serving those in need as he did believing that they were the true treasures of the Church. We hope that this website will be an interactive and informative tool of our Parish sacramental and social life and we pray that you will join us as we worship, learn, and grow as a community of faith! [read more]

Ministering to Body and Soul

Together we are the Body of Christ!

We grow in faith and as a community through the Liturgy, the Sacraments and service! St. Lawrence Martyr Parish Ministries reach out to others with the love of Christ. Together we support each other in the challenges we face as Catholics. Young and old, families and friends, all are encouraged to become active in the life of our parish, to experience Christ in each other and to be the “face of Christ” in our families and community! [read more]

Faith and Community Gathering

Join us each Sunday!

Sunday mornings at St. Lawrence Martyr are a time to gather for worship, as well as an opportunity for hospitality and learning more about our faith and our parish. The 8 am and 11 am Sunday Mass schedule gives ample time for hospitality and parish gathering in between! Following the 8 am Mass, parishioners have the opportunity to meet, talk, and enjoy refreshments until around 9:30 am when all are invited to gather for faith formation and weekly events which vary throughout the year…[read more]