Ministers of Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, are laypeople who serve the parish in two primary ways: first, as distributors of Holy Communion when the congregation at a Mass is sufficiently large and there aren’t other priests to assist the celebrant, and second, to bring Holy Communion to a few of the many parishioners who are home-bound due to age or illness, which would be impossible for the pastor to do on a weekly basis himself.

This ministry is called extraordinary because bishops, priests and deacons, by ordination, are the ordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Yet the role of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is very important in that they offer the Body and Blood of Our Lord to those who would otherwise be unable to receive it.

Ministers of Holy Communion receive special training and preparation in order to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence and are commissioned to serve in this capacity by the pastor.

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