Sunday at St. Lawrence

Sunday Morning GatheringSunday mornings at St. Lawrence Martyr are a time to gather for worship, as well as an opportunity for hospitality and learning more about our faith and our parish. The 8 am and 11 am Sunday Mass schedule gives ample time for hospitality and parish gathering in between!

Following the 8 am Mass, parishioners have the opportunity to meet, talk, and enjoy refreshments until around 9:30 am when all are invited to gather for weekly events which vary throughout the year.

Periodically we have Family Masses which the homily is geared toward children. The parents and children are invited to lector and serve during these very special family masses.

Our parish faith formation program for children is held 9:30 – 10:45 am with 20 – 25 classes, followed by Children’s Liturgy at 11 am during the school year.